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Cambridgeshire Co Working Space

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Peterborough-based DeskGo came to LOF looking for a space that would help foster collaboration – a flexible, adaptable office that would allow them to meet their customers’ exact needs.


DeskGo had a clear vision for their space, but needed to find an understanding partner to help deliver it. The nature of co-working spaces meant that the office needed to be easy to adapt and change around to suit the needs of both the individuals and businesses working there.

The Process

We spent a lot of time working closely with the team at DeskGo to understand their vision clearly and precisely. Careful consideration was given to the furniture used in this project; we took the DeskGo team to manufacturers’ factories and showrooms to pick out their pieces, which perfectly complemented the design. Both staff and customers loved the end result.


“The concepts and designs presented to us were even better than we could have imagined. It was a clever use of space. We could see exactly how everything we wanted could be delivered. Amazingly, all this was being done in what we thought was a relatively small space.

“When we first entered the building, it felt like a tiny space – very dark and dingy. We knew we needed to find a partner that would understand what we wanted, help us with the vision and, most importantly, make it happen.”

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