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Used Office Chairs

If you’re looking to upgrade your workplace with quality used office seating, turn to the professionals at LOF Furniture. At our used office furniture shop, you’ll find high-quality furniture at affordable prices. When you order any of our chairs, we’ll back your purchase with a 3-month warranty for your peace of mind.

All our second-hand office chairs come professionally cleaned, and we’re happy to reupholster chairs if required. Our used office seating options are versatile to suit your interior style and budget. We even offer used meeting room chairs and used operator and task chairs.

We’re not just a used furniture supplier, though, we also provide a complete office interior design and installation service, and deliver across the UK. Don’t hesitate to contact us to see how we can meet your used office chairs or second hand office furniture needs today.


When you shop with LOF, you’ll receive outstanding quality used office chairs and superior service. We’re official resellers of leading brands and ensure that customers can source like-new corporate office chairs without the hefty price tag.

You can get a complete end-to-end service with us, too. So you won’t have to worry about managing your office redesign and furniture installation. We can take care of everything. Why not join the growing number of business owners who choose us time and again to supply their furniture?

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Who are LOF

LOF Office Furniture is the UK’s leading supplier of used office furniture. With over 45 years of experience in this niche industry, we are a family run business that understands the needs of our customers. We offer high quality second-hand office furniture and chairs so that you can work in comfort and confidence.

Our services

At LOF, we offer a range of services to help you get the best out of your working environment. From office space planning to moves and relocations, we ensure that we are providing a diverse range of options so that you can always rely on us.

Delivery options

Although we are based in Peterborough, we offer local and national delivery. Our delivery prices vary by spend and location. We also provide assembly and installation for your used office seating as we understand that this can be a complicated process so we are more than happy to get our qualified engineers to deal with the hassle for you. 

We are a proud organisation who have extended our unwavering expertise to work alongside other big enterprises. These include Aerotron, Baker Perkins, Dalrod, Diabetes UK, NHS, P&O Ferries and Whirlpool to name but a few!


Whether you want an ergonomic task chair, a comfortable tub seat, or a contemporary stool, we stock an eclectic range of second hand office chairs to suit any office environment. Whether you’re in search of a top-quality home office chair, second-hand operator chairs for your employees, or perhaps even some used boardroom chairs to spruce up your meeting room, we provide comprehensive solutions for your growing business or home-working needs. Get in touch with our experts to learn more about our used office chairs or browse our range of used office furniture.


Used Ergonomic Chair

Comfortable and supportive of your natural posture, ergonomic chairs are designed to support your body through long days in the office. They are particularly recommended for people who work eight hours or longer at a desk. From stylish slimline mesh-backs to padded upholstered seats and armrests, used ergonomic chairs are available with a range of designs and features.

With their fully adjustable backrest tilt and seat height, in-built lumbar support and plenty of padding on the seat and armrests, ergonomic chairs are the perfect way to stay comfortable and meet health and safety standards. At LOF Furniture, we only select the leading ergonomic furniture brands and ensure all our new and used ergonomic chairs are of exceptional quality. 


Used Mesh Office Chair

With their high-backed, slimline designs, mesh chairs are made for the modern office environment, whether that’s a corporate or home-working space. Not just favoured for their minimal, stylish aesthetic, mesh upholstery is also more breathable, helping to better regulate your body temperature throughout the day. Depending on your preference, some mesh chair designs cover both the backrest and seat, while others just feature this material on the backrest. For a range of stylish used mesh office chair designs, shop at LOF today.


Used Leather Office Chair

A traditional choice, the used leather office chair offers a professional look for your corporate office. Many executive and meeting chairs are available with leather upholstery in a range of colours and styles, including stylish white or formal black.

Many of the executive style chairs come with all the functional features you’d expect of an operator chair, including a swivel seat, armrests and height adjustments. They are a comfortable, easy-clean option for your office and add a little luxury to your work environment. Shop LOF today for the best range of used office seating.


Used Executive Office Chair

Our used executive office chairs are perfect for managers who have their own designated office. These chairs are often upholstered with leather for a professional finish. Many are designed with the basic functionality of an operator chair, which ensures you remain comfortable and supported throughout a long day at the office.


Used Meeting Room Chairs

If you regularly hold meetings with clients and stakeholders, you’ll want to create a good impression. With our top-quality and versatile collection of used boardroom chairs, you can find seating that perfectly matches your business aesthetic while offering visitors a comfortable, welcoming space to share ideas and information. 


Used Desk Chair

If you’re searching for a used desk chair, there are a few things to consider. For example, if you regularly sit at a desk for eight hours or longer, you will want an operator chair with ergonomic features. You may also want a chair that sits comfortably with your home interior, in which case you’ve come to the right place. At LOF Furniture, we are official resellers of a range of leading used office seating, with original styles to suit your home and corporate spaces. 


Want to view the products in person before you buy? No problem. When you shop with LOF, you can arrange to visit our showroom to view chairs that you are interested in purchasing. To arrange a product viewing, please contact us on 01733 555360 or email sales@loffice.co.uk to arrange a time for you to visit our warehouse. We’ll have everything ready for when you arrive. 

When making an enquiry, please quote the SKU number of the product you are interested in; this can be found on the product page just below the description.


All our second hand chairs are refurbished to a high standard. We follow a meticulous process to ensure the finished product is in a like-new condition every time:

  1. Service moving components
  2. Respray metal or aluminium bases if painted
  3. Give the chair a professional clean
  4. Repair any tears in fabric and upholstery
  5. Replace arm pads if required

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Different Types of Office Chairs?

At LOF, we have a furniture solution for every budget, and we’re always happy to advise on which refurbished chair is perfect for your business. From leather and mesh operator chairs to conference and executive chairs, we have a huge range of big brands in stock. With a wide variety of colours and styles to choose from, shop our range of used office chairs for sale today.

What Is the Best Refurbished Chair for Sitting All Day?

Whether you’re working from home or in the office, our ergonomic chairs are designed to help improve posture, eliminate back pain and increase productivity for those who sit for long periods of time. Browse our collection of high quality Humanscale, Herman Miller chairs, Orangebox, Steelcase office chairs, and Senator office chairs to improve your health and comfort at work. Shop our range and buy a used office chair today.

Why Buy Recycled Used Office Chairs?

Opting for pre-owned office chairs is an economical way to purchase high quality furniture from big brands at a fraction of the cost! It’s also better for the environment to buy second-hand rather than new. When you buy recycled furniture from LOF, you can reduce waste as well as your carbon footprint. From chairs to desks, storage and more, you can be sure to find quality pieces that are as good as new, and we also offer a 3-month warranty.

Are your second-hand office chairs in good condition?

All of our used chairs are in excellent working condition and have a near new look. If there are any signs of defects, they will be stated in the item description and considered in the price.

How can I clean my office chair?

To clean your chair, start by checking for any specific cleaning instructions on the tag, as it can depend on the material. However, for a general clean, we would recommend using a solution of liquid soap and water or a mild detergent. Dab the stained area with the soapy solution and a sponge, then use a clean cloth to remove the soap.

What’s the difference between a Task Chair and an Office Chair?

While basic office chairs are ever-popular seating options for offices and home offices, task chairs and ergonomic chairs have emerged as versatile options for those with more specific needs. Task chairs, for example, offer a sleek and minimalistic design compared with office chairs — meaning they’re better suited to short-term, focused tasks. They’re more simple in design, and less adjustable than their office chair counterparts, but also take up less space due to a more compact footprint.

Generally speaking, task chairs (including used task chairs) are cheaper than office chairs and, while they feature moderate cushioning, they’re really optimised for shorter durations of use. While they provide comfort for brief tasks, the cushioning isn’t as plush as that of office chairs. If you’re looking for more protection and comfort from your used task chair, like lumbar support, it’s worth looking into something like an ergonomic office task chair. Or upgrading to an office or executive chair.

Which chair is good for office work?

This depends on your needs. We are always happy to use our expertise and lend you the advice and furniture recommendations you need. We offer an economical option for you, whether you’re a small start-up seeking modern desks and chairs or a major enterprise in need of an office renovation.

We Have A Huge Range Of Big Brands In Stock

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