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Used White Bench Desks

Designed to comfortably seat 2 - 10 employees, we have a wide range of white bench desks for sale to suit your professional needs. Longer and wider than standalone desks, second hand bench desks are often designed so that workers sit side-by-side as well as facing each other. They are considered an exemplary model to enhance productivity and communication in the workplace. Some come ready-supplied with power packs, cable trays, and screens to ensure they are ready for your employees and kitted for modern technology.

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Used White Bench Desks For Sale

We sell second hand white bench desks from a range of leading brands, including Elite, Mobili, and Bene. Discover affordable and stylish office furniture today with our carefully selected desks, all of which come with a 3 month parts warranty for your peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bench desk and do I need one?

A bench desk is essentially a longer, sometimes wider, desk space that is designed to accommodate between 2 – 10 people. This practical design is a suitable option if you’re looking to seat several employees in an office.

Do your bench desks come with chairs?

No – you will need to purchase chairs separately. We sell a wide range of second hand office chairs, including ergonomic designs from top brands.

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