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Used Bookcases

Whether you’re looking to store files, books, ornaments, awards (or anything else, for that matter), a bookcase is about as versatile as a piece of furniture gets. Not only are they a useful, space-saving storage solution, they can be used to give your office a more homely feel. A bookcase is truly a blank canvas: what you use it for is up to you!

Our range of used bookcases includes an array of different sizes, shapes, colours and styles, allowing you to find the perfect piece for your workspace. Every used office bookcase listed below is in stock and ready for immediate delivery – and a 12 month parts warranty is included with all of them. Save yourself some money and help save the planet by buying second-hand.

Choose from our stock of high quality used bookcases to find the perfect piece for storing and displaying essential office items. From books to supplies, our selection preowned bookcases can accommodate all your needs. Alternatively, if you require another form of used office storage then we have a wide range in stock! Contact our team today to speak to an expert on second hand office furniture.

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