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Cambridgeshire College

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Peterborough City College contacted the LOF team for help reimagining three spaces: a collaboration area, an admin area and a classroom.


When it came to designing the collaboration area, the main goal was to create something vibrant and welcoming. Intended to be used by mature students, the college wanted a bright, spacious area that would inspire and foster collaboration.

The admin area, meanwhile, was utterly overcrowded with furniture. The college wanted us to simplify and declutter the space, creating a more inviting look without hampering its usability.

For the business studies classroom, we were asked to give it an office feel to help the students feel more immersed in their subject area.


With the collaboration area, we started from an empty shell. To begin with, we completed a site survey, before going away and coming up with a design proposal. Once the college team was happy with the design and final tweaks were made, we sourced and supplied furniture, all within their initial budget. Healthcare fabrics were chosen, as they’re resistant to almost anything – in addition to being hard-wearing and wipeable. The end result had a cafe culture feel.

The design process for the admin area began a little differently. Starting with a cluttered space, we used our space planning expertise to lay out the room more effectively. Balancing storage and desk space, we created a productive working environment that met the college’s needs.

We applied the same process when designing the classroom. Limited space meant we had to be creative with furniture sizes, so we settled on a bench system; inset middle legs made them look as if they were floating, creating a feeling of space.

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