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Cambridgeshire Data & Comms Company

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Award-winning Peterborough-based telecoms and IT firm, Rydal Communications, had outgrown its existing office and was looking to move into a new space. We’d already supplied them with furniture to accommodate their rapid growth, so when the time came to move into a larger space, they asked us to help.


This fast-growing company wanted to make sure that its new workspace would stand the test of time, accommodating future growth and fostering collaboration between employees. They wanted to minimise noise and maximise productivity – particularly as they have an in-house call centre department – and had a contemporary look in mind.

The Process

To begin with, we visited the new site to conduct an in-depth survey, gathering the measurements we’d need to come up with a space plan. Because the office was essentially an empty shell, we had tonnes of flexibility with the layout, and sent over our ideas to the team at Rydal.

With the space planned out, we set to work on the design of the new space. Once that was finalised and the replacement furniture was ready to go, we cleared out their old office and took much of their existing furniture in part exchange, before fitting out the new location.


Minimalist and contemporary in appearance, Rydal’s new office was tailored to their specific needs. The call centre department was spaced out from other teams to help minimise disturbance – and we went one step further by installing acoustic products to create a productive working environment.

We also supplied and installed distinctive mobile drawer units with cushions on top, which proved ideal for ad hoc meetings and effortless collaboration – exactly what Rydal was looking to encourage.

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