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Why privacy booths are the future of open-plan office design

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As UK businesses continue to embrace hybrid working, many are searching for ways to improve their open-floor office design for employees who want to commute. Privacy booths have emerged as an innovative way to increase employee satisfaction due to their acoustic, privacy, and productivity benefits. Not to mention, with LOF’s supply of second-hand seating booths, they are a more affordable investment. 

Let’s take a look at why this trending piece of office furniture is the future of open-plan office design.

Fewer noise distractions

One downside to open-plan working is that there’s a lot of noise. Whether it’s the sound of colleagues taking calls or other excess background noise from people moving around, open working can hinder the ability to focus. Privacy booths provide a more soundproof solution that can minimise noise distractions, especially those that are enhanced with acoustic credentials.  

Increased privacy and confidentiality 

Finding somewhere to take private calls or discuss something confidential can be tricky in an open-plan office. Some colleagues might get nervous talking in front of other people, while others might need to have a difficult conversation either over the phone or in person. Office booths offer a bubble of privacy in the middle of it all, so employees can hold confidential meetings – or just take ten minutes to think.

Higher productivity 

Many employees find it hard to be productive when working in an open-plan office. The many visual and noise distractions might prevent them from giving their undivided attention to a task, or their more introverted nature might mean they usually get more done when working alone. Privacy booths provide the opportunity for employees to get away from the buzz of the office, and get their head down on what they need to do today. 

There are many great benefits to privacy booths for open-plan office designs. Not only can they help boost individual focus and work performance, but they can also give employees the option to take private and confidential calls where they won’t be heard or interrupted. 

If you’re considering adding office booths to your workspace, you could save money by buying second-hand; LOF office furniture is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of new and used office furniture, providing employers with high-quality furniture at great value prices. We help businesses of all shapes and sizes reimagine their workspace and boost productivity and workplace satisfaction for their employees. 

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