Nicola Partner

Nicola leads the LOF team! Having joined the company in 2007 Nicola saw an opportunity to set out to make LOF an already a small established office furniture retailer into a success based on core values of great customer service and support by focusing on customer requirements no matter what the budget. By growing and developing a committed team she has been able to deliver great service with a consultative approach from design through to install. In later years Nicola has introduced complimentary LOF partners with the same vision from, flooring to complete fit out, relocation and repurpose offering customers a one stop shop. Nicola has grown LOF by 1000% and believes their products and services are second to none in the industry.

Lucy Sales Executive

Lucy is responsible for sales; she is an office furniture guru and is very handy with a tape measure and just loves fabric swatches, Lucy is always happy to help from space planning and design to helping choosing the right storage cupboard internals .. who knew there were so many . In fact Lucy is so helpful she once rescued an elderly lady from burning building who had fallen and injured herself, quick thinking Lucy ran in and saved the day.

Becky Customer Services & Sales Support

Becky looks after our customers post sales, she is a busy bee, ordering stock, organising customer deliveries and making sure that everything is ship shape. Becky always knows the best route to solve any customer issues in fact she is so much in the know that her mother in laws milk man used to be Sting... before his singing days of course.

Dean Fitter & Warehouse Manager

Dean is responsible for the smooth running of the LOF warehouses housing 30,000 + items of stock across 3 locations along with the fitting teams and our fleet of vehicles. Dean makes sure everything runs to schedule, he always delivers above and beyond. With his regimental approach he takes no prisoners managing his team although he was once a prisoner himself he was held hostage for 9 days in Bosnia.

Barbara Facilities & Accounts Payable

Barbara is responsible for the facilities at LOF and most importantly pays the bills. Her dedication and frugal approach to her role ensures that LOF is financially efficient. Barbara is a quieter member of the LOF team and although she appears outwardly to be conservative and quiet, if you look close enough you will see that there is a twinkle in her eye and she loves nothing more than ridding the scariest rides at the theme park...yes Barbara is an adrenalin junkie.

Sarah Stock Control & Accounts

Sarah is responsible for our second hand stock; with over 30,000 stock items Sarah has her hands full making sure all items are catalogued and marketed. Sarah also looks after our customer accounts she has a great head for numbers and attention to detail. Although Sarah did nearly lose her head once though when she saw Ross Kemp walking past her bedroom window she lent so far that she fell out but unfortunately for her she didn’t land at his feet..

David Restoration Manager

David is our refurbishment expert he can adapt spare parts and broken items into fully functional office furniture in no time. David has been working in the office furniture industry for over 25 years and what David doesn’t know about office furniture could be written on the back of a post it note or should I say 12inch record cover for those of you that remember vinyl, David used to also be a DJ he DJ’d every NYE for over 50 years .


Jamie has been with LOF for 15 + years his fitting skills are like lightning and are second to none he obviously gets his speed and agility from playing his play station as he once played it for 36 consecutive hours. Go Jamie!

Paul Fitter HGV Driver

Before Paul joined LOF he was a private car driver chauffeuring around the rich and famous, the likes of Lenny Henry, Vanessa Felts and also Trinny Woodhall he swapped chauffeuring Lenny for making sure all our office furniture arrives safely and securely at its destination. Apparently the desks and chairs are far less demanding.

JamesLead Fitter

James works in the LOF fitting team his role is to make sure that all installs are completed as quickly and efficiently as possible ensuring the highest levels of customer satisfaction, he thinks on his feet and is a great problem solver always ready to go above and beyond so much so that he once rescued an elderly lady from her car which was submerged in water..

Rhys Fitter

Rhys is our youngest member of the LOF team working he is always first to volunteer and full of enthusiasm he is full of ideas and thinks on his feet, we think he may have some hidden super powers too as once whilst scuba diving he managed to distract a killer whale from eating a shark! It’s a very good job that our office furniture isn’t quite so dangerous!

Monty Head of Security

Monty has been looking after security at the LOF HQ for over 10 years he has been known to bark at least twice during his 10 years service, he recently recruited Binky who seems to be a bit of a distraction we think he’s in love!

Binky Security Assistant

The newest member of the LOF team Binky is full of mischief and energy she is great with staff and customers alike her greatest strength is her ability to make hearts melt.