Giroflex Office Chairs

Are you in need of an ergonomic office seating solution for the workplace or home? Look no further than Giroflex office chairs that are designed with your comfort in mind, to support your posture and increase productivity throughout the day.

Giroflex has been providing ergonomic office seating since 1872 and our chairs have been refurbished to the highest standard so that you can enjoy furniture that looks and functions just like new, but for a fraction of the cost. Your purchase will also be backed by a 3-month warranty for your peace of mind. Browse our refurbished office chair range today or contact our experts to see how we can help upgrade your working environment.

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Show 2 Item(s)

Giroflex Ergonomic Office Furniture

Giroflex is a Swiss designer with over 145 years of experience creating innovative, functional and sustainable office chairs to maintain good health as well as increasing motivation and creativity. With their main focus on promoting and supporting healthy sitting, Giroflex office chairs are adjustable, offer lumbar supports and a dual-zone seat profile to ensure support and wellbeing.

Poor posture can have a significant impact on job performance and health, resulting in back and neck pain, headaches and fatigue. Therefore, working in comfort isn’t a luxury - it’s the standard! Shop our used Giroflex ergonomic office chairs today to help you not only work better but feel better.