Do you have a large office space but need to create separated areas for different working teams? Maybe your business involves a lot of people speaking on the phone and you need to find a way to block the sound so others can concentrate? Are you working with sensitive or confidential information and needing to shield computer screens so they can’t be seen by those who don’t have security clearance? If so, you should think about installing screens in your office space which can help in any, or all, of these situations.

There are two main kinds of office screens you might consider; desk-mounted screens and freestanding screens. Desk screens are ideal if you have desks arranged into banks, or where employees work side by side along benches. They give a sense of privacy and can create pod-style workstations while allowing you to configure your office space in the most efficient way. Desk screens offer the same noise-reducing benefits as larger screens, and are fixed to the desk using mounting brackets. You can choose from a range of styles and options that we offer, including glazed finishes, curved tops, optional tool rails and more.

Freestanding screens are a great solution for dividing a large room into small sections, and are easily moved so that you can be flexible about your room setup. They offer great levels of noise-reduction and privacy, and can even be made into a feature of your office with their colour and design.

We can supply you with a variety of office screens to suit your requirements, and stock screens from well-known brands like Cygnus, Polaris and Omega. Why not give us a call or pop along to our showroom to see the various kinds of screens for yourself and visualise how they could help in your office.

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