The boardroom is the part of the office where the big decisions are made, and where you meet with the important clients. Boardroom furniture is therefore going to be a significant consideration when you’re planning your office refurbishment. Whether large and imposing, or sleek and contemporary, your choice in boardroom furniture says a lot about you as a company. Browse our collection online or in our Peterborough showroom to find out what suits your office.

Whether you primarily use your boardroom for meetings or conferences will probably define the kind of seating and tables you want. For conference seating, your priorities might be to fit as many conference chairs as possible into the room, and to choose a chair that is light and stackable for when they’re not in use. If you have more business meetings than conferences, your choice in boardroom chairs might be large, comfortable leather seating, so your clients feel relaxed and comfortable in all-day sessions.

The same options apply to boardroom and conference tables: we stock everything from stackable, lightweight surfaces that are easily rearranged and reformatted depending on the situation, to large solid furniture designed to stay in one position.

You might also require storage, and our range of board room storage solutions is similarly varied: from simple cupboards and drawer units to impressively modern sideboards and credenzas, depending on your taste, requirements and budget. The furniture in your boardroom may not be in constant use, but you can be sure that the people who do use it will be impressed by what you choose.

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