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Why Businesses Choose Used Office Furniture

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Used office furniture has plenty of advantages, but why would a business go for second-hand items as opposed to new ones? We’ve elaborated on some reasons below.

It’s affordable

Kitting out an entire office with new furniture is not a cheap exercise! Even if you go for items manufactured by a budget brand, you’ll soon find the costs adding up. But, if you want quality pieces which will stand the test of time, you’ll have to spend big money for the privilege.

Not every business has that kind of cash, and those that do often find it hard to justify the outlay. Buying used furniture grants companies access to top quality pieces from renowned brands at a much more accessible price point.

It’s durable

There’s a caveat to this point, as you can only be sure second-hand furniture will hold up to daily use if you buy from an established, experienced and knowledgeable supplier like LOF. Drawing on our over 40 years in the industry, we hand-pick the used office furniture we have in stock to make sure it can last for years to come.

We pay close attention to the condition of each item and source products built to a high standard by well-known companies, rather than off-brand pieces of questionable quality.

It’s environmentally friendly

Most businesses are beginning to take their carbon footprint and environmental responsibilities seriously – and buying used office furniture is a great way to reduce the impact on the world’s climate. Not only are you avoiding contributing to manufacturing emissions by buying used, you’re also reusing products which still have many years of life left in them.

It’s convenient

Our range of products won’t leave you wanting. From breakout furniture to boardroom tables and even reception seating, we have a vast array of items in stock and can deliver for free. We can even pay you a visit to assemble and install your furniture in your office, removing the hassle of refreshing or expanding your office space.

Explore our line-up of used office furniture today to find the perfect products for your workplace. Contact LOF today or view our wide range of furniture.

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