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Second Hand Meeting Pods

What is an Office Meeting Pod?

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Second Hand Meeting Pods

Meeting pods are an internal room-in-room solution. They’re freestanding units that allow you to easily place a meeting room into your open-plan office spaces. They’re enclosed, offering privacy and a space where you can collaborate and communicate without distracting the wider office.

They’re modular and contemporary, giving you the freedom to play around with your available space to find the best configuration that works for your business. They’re also sometimes known as self-contained office pods, and are scalable, reconfigurable and movable.

They are often built with glass partition walls and can be rectangular, square or even have curved walls. The glass walls make it clear when the meeting room is in use.

They’re fitted with a roof, which can be opened to improve air ventilation when required. Air circulation fans can also keep the pod cooler in the summer months.

Orangebox meeting pods

We stock a range of the popular Orangebox second-hand meeting pods. Orangebox designs feature a distinctive mix of glass partitions and stylish fabric walls. This makes them appear less stark and offers a certain level of privacy. The Air Pod collection is well-ventilated, while also offering acoustic soundproofing to ensure a sufficient level of privacy.

They’re fitted with TV brackets and sockets for all your electronic equipment. Ideal for making video conference calls with remote working employees and hosting meetings with clients and stakeholders.

How to choose office seating for a meeting pod?

Sometimes you can buy a meeting pod with a table included. Deciding on the seating doesn’t have to be difficult. Typically, you’ll want chairs that suit the centre table. The seating can be formal or informal depending on your brand image and work culture. If you host less formal weekly round-up meetings and collaborations, this can be a good space to add beanbags and stools as well.

With LOF you get a 12-month parts warranty with our used meeting pods for your peace of mind. You can also browse our used office chairs and tables to complete the furnishings with one purchase.

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