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Used Office Furniture: Is It Worth It?

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Refurbishing or refitting your office can be an expensive game. If you want products that’ll last, you’ll want to choose established brands – and while their desks, chairs and accessories are top notch in terms of quality and aesthetic, they usually don’t come cheap.

But it’s either that or something cheap and not-so-cheerful which might last a couple of years tops, right? Wrong! The used office furniture market is a large one, and we here at LOF believe that it’s the best place for most businesses to search for high-quality furniture that doesn’t cost the earth.

We would say that though, wouldn’t we? We have been in this business for over four decades, after all. But used office furniture is becoming more and more popular for a whole host of reasons, which we’ll delve into below.

Value for money

Instead of spending top dollar for brand-new, high-quality furniture or saving money but compromising on quality with items from a cheaper brand, you can experience the best of both worlds with used office furniture.

Our vast range of products includes many designs from renowned names like Orangebox, Koplus and Senator, all of which are available for a fraction of their brand-new retail price. Where bang for your buck is concerned, used office furniture is hard to beat.


It’s also a great way forward for businesses taking their environmental impact seriously (which should be every business in today’s climate-aware world).

Our used office furniture still has many years of life left in it, and you’re helping the environment by reusing existing products instead of ordering new ones.

Peace of mind

Every item we stock has been selected carefully by our experienced team, paying close attention to condition and quality. We’re that confident in the calibre of our used office furniture that we even include a three-month parts warranty with each item.


You might think this is where used office furniture suffers in comparison to buying new, but browse our site and you’ll soon dispel that belief. We have large quantities of popular items in stock, and there’s plenty of colours and designs to choose from. We even provide a full office refit service entirely utilising used items.

Is used office furniture worth it?

Well, in our opinion it’s hard to argue against. Provided you buy through an experienced and reputable retailer like LOF, you’ll be getting quality, value and style all rolled into one. What’s not to like? Browse our full range of used office furniture today.

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