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Used office furniture: The more affordable route to a stylish office

Used office furniture: An affordable route to stylish spaces

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Used office furniture: The more affordable route to a stylish office

Style often doesn’t come cheap. You would expect fashion-forward furniture from designer brands to have a high price tag, and usually you’d be right – but as the nation’s leading supplier of used office furniture, we know that this isn’t always the case.

Here at LOF, we stock hundreds of second-hand chairs, tables and more from top brands, allowing you to reap the benefits of high-end furniture without the equally high price point.

To show you just how much you can get for your money, here’s a look at items from three of our favourite brands.

Herman Miller

A distinctive and high-performance office chair, the Mirra from Herman Miller is hugely adjustable and can flex as you adjust your seating position, providing optimal support all the time. Its butterfly-shaped backrest and sleek graphite finish means it looks the part, too. A brand-new Mirra office chair could set you back £949.00, but we currently have a great-condition second-hand example in stock for just £260.00 – an incredible saving.


We’re big fans of the Orangebox brand here at LOF, and stock a wide range of their products, from chairs to meeting pods. An Air-27 meeting pod can cost upwards of £25,000 new, but our second-hand equivalents cost over £10,000 less than that, prices starting at just £13,500. They look just as modern and function just as well as their brand-new counterparts, too.


Humanscale’s Liberty mesh office chair is renowned for its minimalist, contemporary design, mechanism-free reclining system and form-sensing technology – features that result in a brand-new price of £729.99. It’s a little different here at LOF, though; our second-hand chairs are in great working order and come with a three-month parts warranty (like all our products), but start at just £188.10!

Get your used office furniture online today

With such amazing savings to be had, it’s no wonder that more and more businesses are choosing second-hand furniture for their office. Here at LOF, style doesn’t have to break the bank. Explore our full range of used office furniture and order online today.

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