How Can Used Furniture Make Your Office More Sustainable

There are a myriad of ways to make your office more eco-friendly. In this guide, we’re looking specifically at how second-hand furniture can help to make your office more sustainable.

You’re reusing

Reusing rather than buying new is a great way to create a more sustainable office. We understand that you won’t want to compromise on quality. By choosing a like-new, premium brand office chair or desk, you can rest assured that your furniture will not only look professional, it will also last.

Instead of perfectly good furniture going to waste or being scrapped, you’re giving it a second life. Particularly with top office furniture brands, such as Orangebox and Herman Miller, the designers and manufacturers have brought decades of research and development to design the chairs that are ergonomic and built to last.

Buying second hand is not just good for the environment - it’s good for saving cash on your overheads too.

Choose sustainable materials

If you want to go one step further, you can keep an eye out for a furniture brand that’s known for its green production ethos. You can choose a chair or desk that’s crafted from sustainable materials as well.

How else can you make your office more sustainable?

This is just one way to make your office more sustainable. Sustainability should take a multifaceted approach. Adding incentives and infrastructure for employees to use more eco-friendly commuting options, switching to renewable energy sources, and recycling paper or reducing waste altogether - there are so many steps businesses can take to make their office more environmentally-friendly.

Buying used office furniture is an easy first step to a more sustainable work environment. LOF can help with this. We are official resellers of premium branded office furniture and ensure our products are in top condition.From second-hand desks and task chairs to storage and tables - you can find everything you need to furnish your office professionally.

All products come with a 3-month parts warranty and we offer delivery options for convenience.

Shop used office furniture online with LOF today.

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