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Used Conference room table

Top Tips for Selecting Right Conference Room Furniture

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Used Conference room table

From video conference calls to management meetings, many important conversations happen in the conference room. It’s important to choose the right conference room furniture. In this guide, we’re listing our top tips to help you pick the best conference room tables and chairs for your business.

Consider configuration

Who is using this space? How many people? Is it just for internal employees or are external stakeholders and clients likely to visit? All of these can play a part in how you choose to furnish your space.

Regardless, you’ll want to make the most of the space you have, making sure that everyone has a seat at the table and avoiding overcrowding.

If your conference room is a multi-purpose space, you may prefer to use modular furniture that’s easy to move around.

What table and chairs should you choose?

The table is at the heart of any conference room and is typically one large table where everyone can face each other. You’ll want to make sure there’s enough elbow room between each of the chairs and that the chairs slot comfortably beneath the table.

Cantilever or task style chairs are often best suited to the professional conference room. For more informal internal meetings, you may consider breakout-style seating, such as stools and bean bags.

Consider ergonomics

Ergonomics should always be a consideration for office chairs. If you regularly host long boardroom meetings and conference calls, you’ll want to make sure everyone is comfortable and supported. Armrests, lumbar support and adjustable levers are key features to look out for.

On brand

Once you’ve got the practicalities sorted, you may want to think about the branding. Are you a more formal corporate law firm, or are you a marketing agency with a more casual culture? This can play a part in your choice of furnishings.

You may want to match your chair upholstery with your brand’s colour scheme. Or, you may want to keep it professional and formal with black leather or mesh.

Shop used office chairs and tables at LOF today to get your conference room ready for all your business meetings. All chairs are in great condition and we supply leading brands known for their ergonomic and stylish designs.

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