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Selling Your Office Furniture When Downsizing?

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If you’re downsizing your office, there will be many hoops to jump through and errands to run. If you’re thinking of selling your furniture when downsizing, this guide is for you.

How to sell your office furniture when downsizing

Label up the items that you want to get rid of or replace

It can be helpful to write up a full inventory of office furniture and equipment that is surplus to requirements. Put it to one side or label it so that you know exactly what’s staying and what’s going.

Take pictures

To speed the process up and get a reliable quote, it’s important to take pictures that you can send to interested buyers. Make sure to have good lighting and also note any damage or imperfections with your items so you can be upfront about the condition of your furniture – and get an honest quote to reflect that.

Source suitable used office furniture buyers

Part of the challenge at this stage will be sourcing a used office furniture buyer who can take all or most of your unwanted pieces. Level of service and money offered will also be important considerations. It can be worth shopping around to find a buyer that’s a good fit for you. It can help to have a list of questions to hand, as some criteria may sway your decision on which buyer to choose

Choose a buyer

Once you’ve made enquiries and got a few quotes for your items, it’s time to choose a buyer.

Why sell used furniture with LOF?

LOF makes selling your office furniture when downsizing super simple and stress-free. Simply fill out our online valuation form. A member of our team will be in touch shortly to provide a quote and discuss the details of our service. To make the process easier for you, we can even collect your unwanted furniture. If you have premium branded items that are surplus to requirements, why not get started today?

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