Returning To The Office: Are Expensive Office Chairs Worth It?

With more and more companies opening up their doors and welcoming their employees back on a full-time basis, you may be planning a bit of an office refurb. One of your key considerations will be your office chairs. In this blog we’re delving into whether expensive office chairs are really worth it, with a particular focus on desk chairs.

Reasons expensive office chairs are worth it

Boost comfort and productivity

There’s often a reason some office chairs are more expensive than others. Premium brands take the time to research and hire experts to ensure that their office chairs are at the forefront of ergonomic design. In other words, they come with features and design principles that work with and support the body whilst working at a desk for long periods.

With used ergonomic office chairs, your employees will be less likely to suffer from backache. They will also find it easier to maintain a healthy posture that encourages better circulation to improve overall focus and alertness.

Generally feeling more comfortable will help staff to focus their undivided attention on the task at hand. It will also help to reduce the number of absences from the office due to posture-related problems.

Also, being surrounded by a smart and professional environment should help motivate your employees and increase job satisfaction. If you want professional and smart chairs, try our used executive office chairs.

It’s a win-win situation really. Not only are you supporting your employees’ physical wellbeing, you’re also boosting their productivity - which is good for business.

Better value for money over time

You could even save money in the long run. How? More expensive office chairs tend to be made to last and come with a decent warranty. The superior design, manufacturing and choice of material should mean your chair will look like new for years to come. They should also be more resistant to scratches or wear and tear meaning you won’t need to pay to get them reupholstered or repaired so often either. So rather than having to swap or maintain your suite of office chairs every few months, it can be worth investing in an office chair that is a little pricier but durable.

Increase job satisfaction

By creating a comfortable, contemporary and functional office space, this should contribute to an increase in overall job satisfaction.

How To Buy Premium Office Chairs Without Breaking The Bank

If your budget doesn’t stretch far enough to cover the costs of a plush new range of premium office chairs, there are options that could make them more affordable.

Buy Second Hand

There are dedicated shops for expensive used office chairs, and at LOF we are official resellers of all the premium brands we supply.

Pay Later purchases

If available, choosing a Pay Later purchasing option should help you split the cost of your premium furniture over several months rather than paying upfront as a lump sum. This could help you stick to your monthly budget without compromising on the quality of the furniture for your office refurbishment.

Whilst we’re not suggesting that more expensive always equates to better, there are plenty of established brands that are worth the price tag. At LOF we stock high quality second-hand office chairs from some of the world’s leading brands including Humanscale and Orangebox.

For premium second-hand office chairs, shop LOF Used Office Furniture today. We only select the finest brands, trusted by top companies around the world. Each office chair comes with a 3 months parts warranty for your peace of mind.

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