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How To Place Office Furniture Effectively

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How you structure your office is almost as important as what you furnish it with. Plus, if you’ve invested a lot of time and money in choosing premium-quality furniture you’ll want to make sure it’s utilised effectively.

Top tips for placing office furniture effectively:

  • Measure-up and plan

If you have an office space to fill with furniture, before you hit the buy-now button it’s important to measure-up your space. You may find a desk that you think looks perfect online or in a showroom, but you may return to the office to find that it doesn’t fit or look right.

Thinking about the purpose of each space or area in your office can also really help.

Do you want a collaborative space where communication is seamless between colleagues, or do you want to prioritise quieter, private spaces where employees can complete more detailed tasks and have confidential discussions with stakeholders and business partners?

  • Consider purchasing modular furniture for smaller offices

Modular furniture is a perfect option for smaller offices. Adding desks and storage that can easily be moved around and reconfigured is a great solution for multi-purpose spaces or for a business that regularly changes the number of employees in the office.

  • Consider bench desks for larger spaces

Bench desks are perfect for larger office spaces as they can seamlessly accommodate multiple employees in neat rows.

  • Think about collaboration vs privacy

Typically, you will approach open-plan offices differently to more private spaces.

A private office space may feature a single desk and chair with room for personalisation. However, open-plan spaces tend to have more freedom with how they’re structured. These spaces tend to lend themselves to collaboration, but you will also want to maintain a certain level of separation to ensure time for independent focus. Separation screens are perfect for this.

  • Invest in a professional design and installation service

Companies like us here at LOF offer a complete design and installation service to help take the stress out of planning your new office space. Not everyone has the visualisation on how to bring an effective workspace to life. But with an expert team working closely by your side, they can offer their professional input to ensure you get an office that brings out the best in your employees and primes you to reach your business goals.

Browse the LOF website today for premium-quality used office furniture from top brands.

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