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How To Make Sure An Office Chair Is Right For You?

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Getting the right office chair can be the difference between a comfortable, productive day at the office and a day spent in irritation and discomfort. But with so many different types of office chair available on the market today, how do you know which one is right for you? We’ve listed some helpful pointers below.

Top 5 Considerations To Make Sure An Office Chair Is Right For You

1. What type of desk do you have?

Already got a desk? You’ll want to make sure that your chair is a good fit. Most chairs are height-adjustable, but if you’re eyeing up an office chair that is fairly wide or has armrests you should make sure it will fit comfortably.

2. What design is your office?

If you’re a business, your branding aesthetic is an important consideration. You may just want to opt for a traditional office chair design and colour, but there are also plenty of alternative colour combinations to select from which may be a better fit for your brand.

3. Prioritise health and comfort

When it comes to office chairs you may see the word ‘ergonomic’ bandied around quite a bit. But what does it mean? Ergonomic essentially refers to furniture and equipment which is designed to support the body. It’s an important requirement for an office chair – if you sit at a desk for eight hours or longer a day, it’s imperative that you purchase a chair that is going to support your body and posture. Complaints of back and neck ache are common for office workers, but by acquiring a chair with lumbar support, suitable seat padding and a head rest, you can help alleviate the risk.

4. How often will you use the chair?

If you’re sitting for eight hours or longer, you should prioritise ergonomics and comfort. However, if your office chair is being purchased for occasional use you may not need a design with all the bells and whistles.

5. Additional features

If it’s convenience, minimalist design and high-level ergonomics you’re after, automatically adjustable office chairs are perfect for you. They save you the hassle of setting up yourself, with no need to mess around with levers. You can also buy office chairs that are more breathable to help you better regulate your temperature throughout the day. Armrests and headrests are often considered optional extras, but they can help you maintain a healthy posture and prevent issues with neck ache.

So, there you have our top tips on how to make sure an office chair is right for you. If you’re looking for an ergonomic office chair but don’t want it to cost the earth, LOF have plenty of premium used office chairs and furniture brands for you to browse online today.

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