How To Choose An Environmentally-Friendly Office Chair

In this guide, we’re offering some essential tips on how to choose an environmentally-friendly office chair. Whether you’re looking to improve your business ethos or you’re working from home and want to do your bit to help the planet, read on for our advice.

Buy second-hand

One of the greenest ways you can furnish your commercial or private office is to shop second-hand. You don’t have to compromise on quality if you know where to shop.

Some used furniture sellers will also sell damaged stock. This is a great chance for you to save money and upcycle.

Choose an eco-conscious brand

Some brands place great emphasis on improving their business goals, ethos and culture. This can include eco-friendly initiatives. If you want to go one step further on buying greener, you can choose a brand that has the environment firmly rooted in their goals, with a clear roadmap. This could include a pledge to become carbon neutral or to reduce waste.

Look at the materials

It’s always worth looking at the source of materials for an office chair. Similar to the point above, some brands will actively use recycled materials to create their furniture.

For instance, Humanscale teamed up with a collection and recycling program that retrieves discarded fishing nets from the sea. These nets are then recycled to create nylon pellets, which Humanscale used to manufacture their Smart Ocean office chairs.

Choose a minimal design

A more minimal design will also mean that less materials are being used in the production process. It looks elegant and has less of an impact on the planet - a smart buying decision.

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