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How Office Furniture Affects Productivity at Work

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Whether your office chair is uncomfortable, or your desk space has you and your colleagues packed in like sardines, the office furniture you work with can do more than affect your sense of wellbeing and happiness, it can also affect productivity. In this latest blog we’re looking at exactly how office furniture affects productivity at work and why it’s important to choose the right equipment for you and your employees.

Feeling Discomfort or Pain

If your office chair is not cushioned or set at the right height and angle, then over time you may start to feel discomfort. You may even experience muscle tension, or aches and pains. This will have a negative impact on your work performance as aches and pains could distract your focus, slow you down, or even require you to take time off work.

If you need some tips on how to set up your desk space correctly at home, you can read our blog about improving your posture at work.

Broken or Outdated Equipment

If you or your staff are utilising old or in bad condition office furniture or equipment, it will not make them feel professional and may limit productivity. Especially, any broken equipment means work cannot be conducted as efficiently. We sell a variety of used office chairs, desks, and other critical equipment that are elegantly designed and meticulously selected for their excellent quality and condition at LOF Furniture. These items will improve the office environment, which is one of the ways to improve productivity.


Last, but certainly not least, it’s important to consider the effect that spacing can have on productivity. While open-plan desk spaces are in vogue and considered a great way to bring a team together, it’s important to ensure that all your employees have access to enough space to complete their work. If your staff’s elbows are touching as they type away, then it’s definitely time to reconfigure how your office desks are arranged. We have a fantastic selection of used desk pods which are ready-made for a corporate office space and feature a designated number of spaces for optimum productivity.

At LOF Furniture we sell used office chairs and used office desks from leading brands at an affordable price. We help ensure that businesses can afford quality furniture that will enhance and improve the working experience.

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