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How Are Office Spaces Changing?

How Are Office Spaces Changing?

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How Are Office Spaces Changing?

Covid-19 has been responsible for a great deal of change, not least in the workplace. Pre-pandemic, office spaces were already evolving. More and more companies were beginning to offer flexible working arrangements, allowing their employees to not only work from home but, in many cases, choose their own working hours.

But in March of 2020, this gradual evolution of the workplace became a rapid reinvention. Businesses had to rethink the way they worked overnight: remote working was no longer a luxury enjoyed by few, but a requirement for the masses. And it worked.

Many of us were apprehensive about this transformation to our working lives, but research has shown that remote working brings with it a catalogue of benefits. It also means less people in the office, and this means that our office spaces have the potential to be more flexible and adaptable than ever before.

A new way of working

Could the days of personal desks be numbered? Quite possibly. Hot desking is being talked about an awful lot, and when it’s implemented correctly it can deliver a number of benefits. It offers employees a great deal of flexibility, for one, and it can improve collaboration and idea-sharing. Recognising that not all of their employees will be in the office at once, a growing number of business owners have implemented hot desking as a cost-saving measure: fewer permanent desk spaces mean that less office space is needed, making it possible to downsize to a smaller facility

Fewer desks could also mean more space for video conferencing rooms. As more of us are now working remotely, video conferencing looks set to remain a permanent fixture – and businesses may require additional meeting rooms to keep pace with this change.

So, what does all this mean for office furniture? We expect that businesses will increasingly be searching for lightweight, mobile furniture which can be easily shifted around the office, a must for those trying out hot desking. If there’s one thing office spaces are becoming, it’s adaptable – and here at LOF we have an array of products ideally suited for today’s changing workplace. Explore our lineup of used office furniture today and reinvent your space for less.

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