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Man sat in Ergonomic chair

Ergonomically Designed Furniture: Common Features To Look Out For

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Man sat in Ergonomic chair

If you’re working remotely and looking to buy an office chair and desk, ergonomics may be your most important consideration. You will likely have a budget in mind, but even with a modest budget, you shouldn’t compromise on ergonomic features. In this guide. we’re looking at the common features to look out for when shopping for ergonomically designed furniture.

Ergonomics is a science concerned with the ‘fit’ between people and their work. When it comes to furniture, this branches off into physical ergonomics, which is concerned with the human body. Adopting healthy ergonomic habits includes sourcing a supportive chair and desk setup.

Having the right furniture for the job should help improve your posture, comfort and overall productivity.

What are the common features of ergonomically designed furniture?


It’s important to have the right adjustments on your office chair. Essential adjustments include seat height and back tilt.

Some brands, such as Humanscale, have dedicated years of research to create an innovative self-adjusting office chair. The backrest adapts to your movements throughout the day to keep you fully supported.

Headrests and armrests are optional but you may find these help your body feel more supported and maintain a better posture.

Lumbar support

Lumbar support is designed to support your mid-lower back and should be in-built into the backrest.


Common materials you’ll find on ergonomic office chairs include padded fabric, breathable mesh and leather. All are good choices, but each material offers different benefits. The mesh is great at regulating your body temperature as body heat can escape. Leather and padded fabric can offer more of a cushioning experience.


You should be able to swivel your chair 360°.

There you have the key features of ergonomically designed furniture to look out for. Worried a sufficient office chair will cost too much? Used office chairs could be the answer. Shop LOF second-hand furniture to find great discounts on premium ergonomic chairs and desks.

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