• How To Promote Wellbeing With Office Design

    There are many factors that play a part in office wellbeing. However, a good place to start is taking a look at your office space. From the layout to the furniture and infrastructure, we’re sharing some simple tips to help you design an office that promotes wellbeing. Whether you’re moving...
  • Working environments that are Agile

    Working environments that are Agile

    There is little doubt that technology has transformed the workplace. But many organisations have simply scratched the surface on what is possible. At a basic level you can communicate with staff and customers anytime, anywhere and any place.

  • Combine New and Used Furniture for the Perfect Solution

    Whether you’re starting from scratch or giving your existing office space a new look, choosing used office furniture doesn’t mean sacrificing on style…

    From tiny start-ups to huge corporate empires, the look and feel of a workspace says a lot about the business as a whole. Do you want to convey an air of traditional, tried and tested work methods? Perhaps you’re a forward-thinking, tech-savvy enterprise at the forefront of your industry. The furniture you choose should reflect your company ethos, and let your employees, clients and visitors see at a glance what you’re all about.


  • Planning A New Office Isn't Easy So Invest In A Professional

    Planning A New Office Isn't Easy So Invest In A Professional

    With space at a premium in today’s business world, it’s vital that your office environment is designed to work to its full potential. From space planning to colour schemes, it can be tricky to get things just right to create a workplace that’s pleasant, productive and professional. 

    Designing an office space isn’t like planning new room décor at home. The wallpaper and curtains you choose for your living room is down to personal preference, but furniture, layouts, lighting and storage in an office can have a major impact on the daily lives of everyone who works there. With so much at stake, it’s time to call in the experts…

  • 5 Ways A Good Working Environment Improves Productivity

    It might sound obvious, but creating a great working environment is an effective way of boosting productivity, creativity and employee morale in just about any business. Is your office space sapping your energy and masking your motivation? Would you like to know how to make simple changes and see instant results? Read on to find out more…

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