3 benefits of offering a ‘by appointment only’ service

3 benefits of offering a ‘by appointment only’ service

3 benefits of offering a ‘by appointment only’ service

In the retail environment, seeing the words ‘by appointment only’ on a shop doorway probably makes you walk past really quickly. It implies high prices, pressure to buy and an obligation to tell your life story.

Possibly a bit harsh. For many companies who offer this service, it couldn’t be further from the truth. You wouldn’t buy a high-performance car without making an appointment with the experts. Arranging to take it for a test drive.

For a design and fit-out office furniture business, it’s actually a way of maintaining a high level of customer service.

 So, what are the benefits of offering ‘by appointment only’?

1. Undivided attention

If you think about it, we do it all the time, make appointments. For the opticians, doctors or school reviews. The reason being, to allocate a period of time, specifically for you, to talk about your situation.

Well it’s certainly no different for a company who wants to provide a quality service to their customers.  They know you have needs and want to provide the best solution for you.

It makes sense to meet in a showroom where the products are on display, including board finishes, handles and fabrics. Providing that undivided attention has to be the answer.

2. Saves you time

We are all busy people. Time is often very short so being able to plan your day, week even month can be beneficial.

As part of a design service you would want customers to see the product. Particularly when you are looking at office seating and desks.

This can be done at your offices, where samples can be brought along. But if you’re not entirely sure what you want, then a showroom is the place to go.

Making an appointment is a great way to focus the entire visit on you. The designers and advisors know what you are looking for. The appointment has been made so they can get everything ready. This way you spend as little or as long as you want looking at the products, before making that final decision.

3. Try the products

Chairs can look really good in the brochures. But when you come to sit on them, it might not be quite what you were expecting. Once a company knows what you need, they can line up a selection of chairs for you to try.

By doing it this way, you can balance the aesthetics with the comfort factors. Not only for your desk chairs, but if you have a staff area, break out seating can be tried and tested as well.

The ‘by appointment only’ system is just part of the service LOF offer to their customers. We are always consultative in our approach, from the initial discovery phase to design right through to the post installation review.

We have over 450 chairs in stock, new and refurbished. So, plenty of choice which is why individual appointments are critical to enable us to maintain our high level of customer service.

For those just looking for a single office desk or chair, our website is the online shop. You can view products on here and buy direct from us, we’ll even deliver it to you.

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