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Used Office Chair For Long Hours

What Are The Best Office Chairs For Sitting Long Hours?

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Used Office Chair For Long Hours

If sitting at a desk for 8 hours or more is your regular routine, you’ll want to make sure that you’re using a supportive chair. An ergonomic design is a must. But with so many office chairs available, how do you know which one is best?

We’re helping you choose the best office chairs for sitting long hours in this guide.


Humanscale designed the first self-adjusting office chair. It’s won a number of prestigious design awards, including the Red Dot Award. The brand has also received high praise from top publications, with the Independent frequently rating Humanscale chairs 9/10. The intuitive design ensures that the chair’s backrest adjusts to your movements throughout the day. This keeps you supported through long hours at your desk.

Herman Miller

Herman Miller is another key brand in ergonomic office chair design. They design ultra-breathable chairs crafted with mesh. This helps to regulate your body temperature, preventing the sluggish afternoon slump. The backrest features an innovative design for optimum support.

As a quick recap, when it comes to sitting long hours, you want to make sure that your chair has all the essential ergonomic features. This includes components such as height and recline adjustments, lumbar support and a supportive, comfortable seat. The best brands that push past the basics to enhance ergonomics include the likes of Humanscale and Herman Miller. Other honorary mentions include Steelcase and Orangebox. Make sure you choose an operator chair for maximum stability and ergonomic support.

Remember that even with the most ergonomic chair in the world, you should still take regular breaks and stand or take a walk at intervals.

You can find all these brands and more at LOF. We supply used office chairs and take pride in the quality and value that we deliver. With us, you can buy premium branded furniture without the high price tag. All chairs come with a 3 month parts warranty.

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